Moving forward with key competences

Planning a school trip

In this project, students will plan a school trip abroad to a partner country: Poland → Turkey → Hungary → Italy → Germany → Poland.

They will have to prepare the programme, choose accommodation, transport and prepare a presentation or a leaflet/brochure advertising this trip.

Partner Schools

  • Adria, Italy
  • Bytom, Poland
  • Cloppenburg, Germany
  • Canakkale, Turkey
  • Tata, Hungary

The Project

Our main motivation for starting a new Erasmus+ project is increasing the level of basic skills in the field of secondary education. The project we have prepared is multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary and aims to foster key competences, especially regarding maths, science and literacy.

Acquiring basic skills in literacy, mathematics and science at school is crucial for the development of key competences in all further learning. These skills evolve throughout the course of learning when students deal with more difficult information with understanding and develop qualities such as problem solving, critical thinking, initiative and creativity. Key competences in the shape of knowledge, skills and attitudes are fundamental for each individual in a knowledge-based society. They provide added value for the labour market, social cohesion and active citizenship by offering ability to adapt to constant changes. We have studied the needs of the schools and students thoroughly. The data we collected proves that there are students who cannot read properly, have made little progress in mathematics skills and lack other basic competences. The percentage of low-achieving students in some schools is very high and the exam results show that these schools need support to reduce their number.